Hi! I'm Kelly, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to The Happiest Collection™.

I am incredibly passionate about choosing to focus on the "Happiest" moments in life, which is how The Happiest Collection came to be. I am 'Happiest in the Mountains' when I get to explore Canada's amazing national parks, 'Happiest at the Lake' with my family each summer, and 'Happiest when Caffeinated' after my morning latte. 

The Happiest Collection first rolled out in early 2016 under the umbrella of my then online shop, Little Blue Canoe. I first used American Apparel clothing and screened the pieces by hand. This was an economical and lower risk way for me to introduce the clothing line without having to commit to large quantity apparel orders.

My customers really seemed to enjoy the positive and happy messaging, so I made the decision to commit to finding Canadian manufacturers. Because Little Blue Canoe was/is all about 'Curating Canada' and highlighting made in Canada goods, it was imperative to me to continue my line only if it could be 100% Canadian made. 

Every "Happiest" piece is proudly designed, manufactured, and printed in Canada. 

Little Blue Canoe has a wonderful new owner, and I am continuing on here with The Happiest Collection.

Thank you for sharing a love of Canadian made quality goods, with positive and happy messaging. It truly makes ME Happiest!

Thank you for your support,